Artificial Intelligence - Beyond Humanity
23.01.2018 Meryem AYAS, STM

Artificial Intelligence - Beyond Humanity

The famous phrase of the English philosopher Sir Francis Bacon,"information is power (scientia potentia est)", today is frequently used as “information is power, data is money” to express that we are in the age of information /knowledge and today's society is shaped by knowledge. According to recently published statistics, 90 percent of the data on the internet is made up of data produced in the last two years, and the data produced in a day is roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes. As the world becomes more and more connected with the tools that can be connected to the Internet (Internet of Things), it is obvious that the amount of data produced will grow with an increasing momentum. In this case, it has become impossible for the data to be processed by people, and at the same time fields such as data mining and big data have developed. In order to benefit from this huge data in rapid growing size and complexity, areas like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning have gained importance which are able to analyze like human and produce million times faster results than humans…

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