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STM ThinkTech provides vision to the public with analysis at concept and application levels in the field of defense and security where high-tech systems are used and which is very critical for countries, and contributes to policy and strategy making of decision-makers.

Defense and Security Publications

Analysis and Reporting

STM ThinkTech conducts in-depth analysis and produces reports presenting technological insights with an objective approach.

The reports published by STM ThinkTech in the area of defense and security offer innovative and different perspectives to the academic world, strategic decision-makers, and technology-intensive sector stakeholders.

STM ThinkTech analyzes critical defense and security themes that are on the agenda of the country's public and strategic level management levels through panels and focus meetings with experts and high-level participants in the field; and also by using methods such as fieldwork, interviews and literature review and shares the results of the analysis in print and electronic media with the public and the state administration.

All Research and Publications


STM ThinkTech; by organizing technology-focused high-level meetings, panels, workshops and focus group meetings, it brings together leading experts and opinion leaders in the field of defense and security and sheds light on the defense and security agenda.

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