Geopolitics of Technology

The world's leading countries have accelerated their quest for leadership in innovation in order to increase their technological superiority and gain an advantage in the global balance of power. In this respect, geopolitical balance is a candidate to be redefined under the leadership of technology in the coming period...

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 In the third and last part of our Research Series titled "Green Hydrogen Revolution in Solving the Energy Crisis", we will discuss Turkey's current situation regarding green hydrogen, public support and guidance for green hydrogen, green hydrogen investments, and research in Turkey...

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RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR FROM THE DEFENSE INDUSTRY AND TECHNOLOGY PERSPECTIVE: Electronic Warfare and Autonomous Systems in the Context of the Russia-Ukraine War

The decisiveness of electronic warfare, drone use, and other technological innovation elements in the Russia-Ukraine War has clearly shown that these elements will be game changers in the battlefields of the future. In our analysis, electronic warfare elements that were effective in the Russia-Ukraine War, the effects of electronic warfare on the fate of the war between the two countries, and how the level reached by electronic warfare transformed the defense industry policies of the countries were evaluated...

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Space-Based Solar Power Transferred to Earth for the First Time

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have succeeded in transmitting measurable amounts of energy to Earth for the first time by wirelessly beaming the power of solar energy through space. The development is thought to be a revolution in energy...

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Can Generative AI (ChatGPT) Change the World?

A Storm of Generative Artificial Intelligence is blowing around the world. OpenAI's GPT-4 has attracted a lot of attention. Other companies have also introduced extraordinarily productive artificial intelligence applications. Complete texts in a very short time when data, text fragments, sounds, and images are entered; audio files including songs, encodings, and simulations including video games and websites; software that delivers art-like images and videos boosts productivity and makes life easier. However, these practices are subject to legal and ethical debates, as well as being the target of criticism due to the problems they will create in security and the economy...

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Technology Use in Natural Disasters: Kahramanmaraş Earthquakes

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