WATER SECURITY II: Current Situation in Turkey in the Context of Sustainability and Climate Change

 Studies conducted by both Turkish and international scientists show that Turkey's clean water resources will be under more stress due to global climate change. In this respect, combating global climate change is of critical importance in terms of securing Turkey's water and food security.

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Towards a New Climate Regime: A Review on European Green Deal and Its Impact on Turkey

Close monitoring of global developments regarding climate change, which is the most important problem of the world today, is of great importance for Turkey. For this purpose, in this report, the steps taken against the global climate crisis as well as their possible reflections on Turkey are examined...

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Automation in Food Production and Distribution

Many countries make serious investments in order to meet the nutritional demand, which is a vital need. It is necessary that these investments become more compatible and sustainable with technology day by day.

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New Generation Technologies in Tackling Global Climate Change

There is very little time left for global warming to exceed 1.5 degrees. Technology needs to be used more to stop or slow down the process. Digital technologies, materials science, biotechnology, and autonomous vehicle technology are helping to dissipate the pessimistic picture with new solution proposals.

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WATER SECURITY I: Current Situation in the World in the Context of Sustainability and Climate Change

Today, water security is included in the priority risks lists of the defense and security field. The United Nations (UN), other international organizations, academic institutions and non-governmental organizations are trying to draw attention to the point reached by the global water threat with the reports they publish.

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THE RISE OF TURKISH DEFENSE INDUSTRY AND EMBARGOS: Indigenization and Nationalization Movement in Critical Technology, Components and Subsystems

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