“STM ThinkTech (Future Technology Institute)”, launched on November 23rd of 2017, is Turkey’s first technology-based think tank. Contributing to the vision of the country with new and different perspectives, STM ThinkTech develops regional and global strategies, technological predictions, and decision support systems, especially in the fields of defense, security, engineering, and technology. STM ThinkTech also conducts technology-based analysis with an objective approach, publishes reports, and organizes professional networking activities.

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STM was established in 1991 to provide the "consultancy" services required by the Presidency of Defense Industries in the fields of engineering, technology, and program management in a flexible, fast, and world-class manner.

STM, which has corporate experience, know-how, qualified human resources, and brand value, launched ThinkTech (Future Technology Institute) on 23 November 2017 with the vision of reaching a globally competitive position in the field of "consultancy".


STM ThinkTech has adopted the "Systems Thinking" approach to understand, define, explain, create solution alternatives and report the "complex" phenomenon and problems in structural and behavioral dimensions. The prominent feature of Systems Thinking is that it takes the system as a whole and focuses on the dynamic interaction among the parts that make up the system, contrary to traditional thinking. The essence of this approach is to see the big picture and to develop new mental models.

Thinktech Whoweare Approach

Using this approach, we first develop "innovative and creative mental models", then transform these models into mathematical models with dynamic analysis and modeling techniques, and provide "decision support" and "consultancy" services to our stakeholders.

STM ThinkTech’s “core competencies”:

  • Systems Thinking
  • Program Management
  • Structural and Behavioral Modeling
  • Coding and Simulation
  • Network Management
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Developing Applicable and Innovative Strategies

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Business Model

STM ThinkTech defines, analyzes, synthesizes, models, simulates, and reports a phenomenon/problem using its core competencies.

The outcome of STM ThinkTech's business model is "adaptive and competitive strategies" that are unique, innovative, explicable, data and information-based, applicable, and measurable.


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STM ThinkTech’s primary target group/current stakeholder’s portfolio:

  • Defense and Security Ecosystem
  • Science and Technology Ecosystem
  • Public Ecosystem Responsible for Policy and Strategy Development
  • Private Sector Production Ecosystem
  • Academic Ecosystem
  • International Institutions and Organizations
  • Think Tanks

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