Augmented Reality and Privacy Risks
06.06.2022 STM ThinkTech

Augmented Reality and Privacy Risks

Stm Blog Artirilmis Gerceklik Ve Gizlilik Riskleri Gorsel Web

Whether for civilian or military use, the data required by augmented reality brings many legal and ethical risks, from the violation of privacy to the unintentional provision of data to commercial organizations.

While hacking an augmented reality device of any user creates the risk of violating the privacy of private life and personal information, it is still being discussed what security measures will be taken by the institutions providing this service. Whether the data obtained from augmented reality devices will be stored in local or cloud systems or alternative data centers, how to ensure the security of this storage area, and the limitations of sharing this data with other people by service organizations are at the top of the discussions...

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