Internet of Battle Things
13.11.2018 STM ThinkTech

Internet of Battle Things

We are entering a new era in the history of war, perhaps even in the human history: The age of the wars in which the machines collide side by side with people both on the front and hinterland.

In fact, in science fiction films, military robots often acted as bad guys. From Terminator to Matrix, the powerful machines in all of these movies were out of control and turned their weapons into those who created them. Even Karel Capek, the father of the word "robot", in the 1920s in his play called RUR warned that the end of the humankind would come from artificial intelligence.

Novadays, robots have started to take place in the army. There are robotic systems on land, air and sea, but fewer people collide. These robots can fly, swim, and it can burts to 550 high-explosive bullets in just one minute. This striking fact shows that the wars of the future will be made by a combination of troops, drones and artificial intelligence-based systems. This concept, called the Internet of Battle Things, consists of a wide network of machines and people...

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