New Revolution in Healthcare and Research: Biobanks
18.04.2022 STM ThinkTech

New Revolution in Healthcare and Research: Biobanks

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There was a fundamental reason why the COVID-19 pandemic, which has changed our lives for the past two years, has left the world helpless: The pandemic spread at such a rate that the classical research methods of scientists could not keep up, and the experts affected the whole world before they had a chance to understand the structure of the virus, let alone developing a drug or vaccine. In a world where diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and obesity are becoming increasingly common and we are frequently faced with the threat of epidemics, this situation revealed the need for rapid development of diagnosis and treatment methods, drugs, and vaccines for these diseases.

Success in this area requires extensive research, and these studies require large numbers of biological samples. This is where "biobanks" get involved. Biobanks will potentially enable better access to quality biological samples, accelerate research, better understand many diseases, and find solutions to diseases more quickly...

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