Nuclear Cyber Security
22.05.2018 Seyide DOĞRU, STM

Nuclear Cyber Security

"Possessing nuclear power plants" is one of the prominent targets in Turkey’s 2023 Vision . In this way, it is aimed to meet the increasing energy demand through increasing energy diversity and reducing external dependence. Turkey’s dependence on natural gas as an energy source exceeds 90%. Therefore, Turkey has nowadays accelerated her projects on building a nuclear power plant.

In terms of nuclear power plants, the issue of cyber security emerges as one of the most critical security threats. Nuclear security includes the precautions that detect and prevent malicious attacks directed to nuclear security, nuclear material or facilities. Cyber attack attempts are not only comprised of attacks targeting computer systems and data with computer viruses. Within the context of NATO’s Tallinn Manual, cyber attack is defined as s cyber operation that causes injury, death of individuals, damage or destruction of objects. These attacks aim to damage privacy, integrity and availability of data. Especially, prevention of uncontrolled spread of these complex attacks is very difficult.

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