STM ThinkTech provides unique solutions for decision makers looking for answers to the following questions or similar:

  • How can smarter planning be made in areas such as defense, security, technology, economy, health, and education?
  • How can more applicable and high value-added policies and strategies be developed?
  • What is the current capacity and what pattern can it follow in a long-term projection?
  • How can overall corporate capacity be increased?
  • Investing in which field and sector will create more added value, how can the effect of the investment to be made on the total capacity take shape, and when can it be seen?
  • How can more rational choices be made between alternatives?
  • How can more realistic risk management be done?


Decision Support Systems developed by STM ThinkTech:

National Power (Capacity) Model

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STM ThinkTech, based on the inadequacy of handling a complex phenomenon such as national power with a single index value using linear approaches and methods, developed the National Power Model by using the Systems Thinking approach and System Dynamics method.

In the model; human power, military power, economic power, political power, psychosocial power, technological power, and geographical power elements and their parameters (~1500) interacting with each other are dynamically analyzed.

The model provides a holistic and new mental perspective for the phenomenon of National Power, due to the strengths of the approach and method used. This mental model takes National Power as a concept that contains dynamic complexity and reveals the structural and behavioral dimensions that can be used in understanding and analyzing this complexity. The National Power Model, which can be considered as a high-level investment model especially for strategic level managers, provides its users with the opportunity to make dynamic foresights by creating different scenarios.

NATO Aggregated Resilience Decision Support Model

It is a Decision Support Model developed using the Systems Thinking approach and System Dynamics method in order to support NATO's decision-making processes in the face of strategic shocks such as pandemics, electricity blackouts, cyber attacks, and big human movements.

In addition to the effects of strategic shocks and the critical changes they will create, the model also analyzes the possible consequences of these shocks to the civil and military system elements. The model can make scenario-based analysis for the effects of strategic shocks in different areas (energy, transportation, communication, etc.) and possible risks. While the model provides strategic level decision support to NATO, it facilitates the decision-making processes of the authorities in terms of the actions to be taken and the measures they can take. 

Morover, live strategic shocks data collected from open sources via Big Data method is transformed into information with Machine Learning algorithms and this information is inserted into the model.




Idea-Product Cycle Decision Support Model in Advanced Health Technologies

Within the scope of the collaboration with Başkent University; a Decision Support System that can provide foresight for the most valuable technologies and areas that the public or private sector can invest in and the possible effects of the investment to be made has been developed in the field of advanced health technologies.

Data Mining, Semantic Network Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methods are used to analyze the data gathered from various resources (academic articles with the highest index / citation coefficient, clinical studies, and patent databases) where the ideas have emerged.

Using this model, the patterns of ideas that are likely to turn into products can be revealed, ideas at the incubation stage can be identified and a focused investment can be made. Decision Support Model can be used in identifying potential value added areas not only in health sector, but also other sectors as well.

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Capability Complexity Model

It is a model developed by benchmarking the Economic Complexity method in order to provide support for more feasible and more realistic investment decisions in various sectors.

In the model; the data gathered via the question sets developed using international capability and product catalogues (ISIC, CPC, etc.) are transformed into information through unique algorithms developed by STM ThinkTech. With the model, information such as company complexity values, product complexity values, opportunity potential values and opportunity gain values are produced and alternative product portfolios can be created where a company may create more added value.

Model outputs can be actively used in various production ecosystems in making capability-based analyzes, preparing future action plans, and shaping investment decisions (incentives, infrastructure, consultancy, trained human resources, etc.).

National Capacity and Performance Tracking / Measurement Model

It is a decision support system developed using Economic Complexity and System Dynamics methods. The model offers an infrastructure to measure the economic capacity of a country over the years and to make scenario-based analysis for the strategic level investment decisions that can be taken to increase the economic capacity.

The model can create foresight into identifying products with high export potential and determining the added value of the export of these products to the country's economy.

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