The Third Wave in Artificial Intelligence Technology
30.05.2019 STM ThinkTech

The Third Wave in Artificial Intelligence Technology

Almost 60 years ago, the artificial intelligence technology which was put forward with the ideal of “create human-like robots”, has progressed to the level that no one could even imagine. However, there are also claims that this technology, which dominate the last period, is moving in the wrong direction or cannot be developed further. Among people who are not satisfied with the final point of artificial intelligence, there are even those who have invested heavily in this technology or have been worked in artificial intelligence research for many years. At this point, where the artificial intelligence is “choked”, the solution of technology world is “Third Wave”. In other words, a new route is drawn that accept incapabilities and blind spots of artificial intelligence and where discernment come into prominence. What were the first and second waves? What has been learned from the past years and what await the artificial intelligence next?

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