Turkey's Electricity Generation Capacity and Its Assessment
05.04.2018 Seyide DOĞRU, STM

Turkey's Electricity Generation Capacity and Its Assessment

Energy resources are one of the most important factors for the development and growth of a country. This importance can be better understood when short-term energy cuts are thought to cause huge financial losses. Along with the growing population, the demand for energy consumed in all areas of our life is also increasing. Depending on population growth, urbanization and industrialization, it is expected that world energy consumption will increase 60 percent in 2030 compared to 2017 and also in Turkey it is expected that the demand on energy will increase 7.5 percent on the average in the next 10 years. Many countries are heavily investing in new production sources and renewable energy sources in order to ensure diversification of energy resources and have made considerable progress in this respect. Similar policies are being pursued in Turkey as well.

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