Dangerous Dimensions in IOT Safety
07.09.2018 Özkan BOZTAŞ, STM

Dangerous Dimensions in IOT Safety

IoT devices continue to penetrate our everyday lives at a faster pace than predictions. By 2017, the number of IoT devices has exceeded the world population. The biggest problem with the devices is the lack of security understanding during development. The main reason why companies make fatal mistakes in the development process is that they have to compete with each other and be the one who offer the product to the market. Such devices will have dozens of failures that will never be updated in a few months after they have already been on the market. This post is not all that we know about, such as classic authentication mistakes that weaknesses in the IT environment adapt to IOT devices, default weak passwords, unencrypted communications, xss in the web interface, etc. Our subject; a set of vulnerabilities that can be found in the products of established companies that are integrated with security software development processes from the very beginning and which are caused by complex attack techniques and possible serious physical damages!

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