Scientific and technological developments lie at the heart of the radical transformations of the 21st century. As STM ThinkTech; we closely follow scientific and technological innovations with our analysis and reports, we produce solutions with simulation-supported modeling for the institutions and organizations of our country.

Gaziantep Machinery and Metal Industry Analysis Project

In the project carried out with İpekyolu Development Agency; The Gaziantep Metal and Machinery Industry production ecosystem was analyzed, potential areas compatible with the ecosystem's capabilities were determined, and a guiding road map was developed for production in the potential areas. Methods such as Fuzzy Logic and Text Mining, Life Cycle Management, Ability Complexity, Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, Soft System Methodology and System Dynamics were used in the project in which System Thinking and Complex System approaches were adopted. As a result of the project; a transformation model has been developed that will enable the current production ecosystem to produce medium-high technology systems. In the transformation model, the steps to be taken by the public, academia and private sector stakeholders in the ecosystem for high-tech system production with an integration / cluster perspective are included.


Machine Tools Localization Feasibility Project

In the feasibility project carried out under the auspices of the Presidency of Defense Industry; increasing the total added value of CNC machines used / to be used domestically and minimizing the effects of embargos and restrictions on acquisition and logistics support of CNC machines / subsystems were aimed. In the project; data were collected through fieldworks (11 inland and outland companies), workshops (2 workshops), surveys, 251 hours of face-to-face interviews with 197 people, fair participation and focus meetings, an international benchmarking study was carried out, a feasibility report in which alternative business models were created was prepared for the domestic production of 5 Axis CNC machines by analysing the collected data.

The outputs of the project can be used in development of a domestic production ecosystem for 5 Axis CNC machines and as a guide in increasing efficiency of industrial production within the Turkey’s 2023 vision, thus a positive value can be added to the export-import balance.


Capability Complexity Model

It is a model developed by benchmarking the Economic Complexity method in order to provide support for more feasible and more realistic investment decisions in various sectors.

In the model; the data gathered via the question sets developed using international capability and product catalogues (ISIC, CPC, etc.) are transformed into information through unique algorithms developed by STM ThinkTech. With the model, information such as company complexity values, product complexity values, opportunity potential values and opportunity gain values are produced and alternative product portfolios can be created where a company may create more added value.

Model outputs can be actively used in various production ecosystems in making capability-based analyzes, preparing future action plans, and shaping investment decisions (incentives, infrastructure, consultancy, trained human resources, etc.). 

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