Business Wargaming (BW) is a "role-based simulation" tool that makes competitor analysis by generating much information from less data and reveals the unexpected.

The main features that distinguish the Business Wargame, which is used as an accelerated learning method, from other analysis methods:

  • Active participation of employees
  • Predicting the progress of the simulation
  • Using different perspectives
  • Having different learning patterns
  • Building team culture
  • Dynamic simulation application


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STM ThinkTech, which designed and conducted wargames for the strategy development processes in the information and consultancy sectors, provides training, design and implementation services related to the method. This competence has been acquired through the training of trainers from Dr. Benjamin GILAD, who discovered the BW concept and applied in many Fortune 500 companies.

STM ThinkTech can design a wargame for an organization as a whole operating in a competitive environment, as well as for a unit, function or process of that organization.

About Business Wargame

In BW, unlike simulation software tools, the active actor role is undertaken by the participants (company employees) themselves. Following processes are supported with BW against the possible reaction, action and attempts of the competitors:

  • Strategy development
  • Strategy testing
  • Strategic Early Warning System development
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Companies operating in a competitive environment are recommended to make an analysis using the BW method in the following situations:

    • When a significant change in the sector is anticipated or occured
    • At the launch of a new product
    • At the enterance to a new sector
    • At the increasing the sales of a current product
    • At the launching / refreshing a brand
    • When a defensive position against opponents is taken

Added Value of Business Wargame

Adoption of intelligence and information-based decision-making mechanisms by determining "blind spots" within the company instead of intuitive decision-making mechanisms

Establishment of a long-term management style instead of a short-term and narrow-perspective management style that can be described as managerial myopia

Adopting a communication-based management instead of an emotion-based management

Establishment of a decision-making process compatible with external environmental dynamics instead of a decision-making process dominated by excessive optimism

Business Wargame Training Programme

  • 45min 1
    Wargame History
  • 45min 2
    Wargame Introduction
  • 45min 3
    Business Wargame (Introduction, Rules, Intelligence Brief, Game Phases, and Game Design)
  • 45min 4
    Tools and Methods Used in Business Wargame
  • 45min 5
    Case Study


Business Wargame Design and Management Process

A Business Wargame has three phases such as preparation, implementation and management, and reporting. While STM ThinkTech is responsible for design and management of the game; employees of the company (~ 20-24 people) requesting the BW are the active players of the game.

Preparation Phase

Problem Definition

Determination of Key Competitors

Preparation of Intelligence Brief

Composition of Teams

Sharing of Intelligence Brief

Implementation and Management Phase

Introduction of the Game

Method Description
Execution of 1st Round of the Game
Team Presentations

Method Description
Execution of 2nd Round of the Game
Team Presentations

Reporting Phase

Reporting the Most Important Outcomes of the Game

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