Prof. Dr. Oktay F. TANRISEVER

Prof. Dr. Oktay F. Tanrisever is the Chairman of the Department of International Relations at the Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara-Turkey. He received his BA and MA degrees from METU in the field of International Relations and PhD Degree from the University of London in the field of Russian Politics. Previously, he served as the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Chairman of the Area Studies as well as Eurasian Studies Programs of Social Sciences Institute at METU. He has also been serving as the Chairperson of Energy Diplomacy Working Group at the World Energy Council Turkish National Committee (WECTNC) since 2017. Currently, he has been making publications, doing research and teaching courses on Theories of international relations, Regional security and peace-building in Eastern Europe, Eurasia and Asia; Transnational security issues of migration, terrorism and cyber space; Energy, water and environmental diplomacy; and International negotiation.

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