Anti-Drone Defence Systems
16.05.2019 Özgür SÜTÇÜOĞLU & Mert ALAY, STM

Anti-Drone Defence Systems

Anti-Drone Systems is the generic name for systems used to detect and eliminate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to prevent potential attacks. With the widespread use of drones and as a result of increasing threats to civil and military areas, anti-drone systems are gaining more and more importance and are being used more widely by security forces. As of February 2018, there are 235 anti-drone systems that are on sale in the market or are under development.

The report that NATO issued in 2003 can be considered as a starting point in this regard. This report focused on defensive systems deployed on the ground for defense against slow, small and low-flying objects. In 2008, RAND Corporation reported threats of unmanned aerial vehicles to the United States. With this report, it has been realised that the need for inactivation of vicious purpose of unmanned aerial vehicles has been increased. Since then, many organizations, laboratories and companies have been searching for solutions against the threats of unmanned aerial vehicles.

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