Rapidly developing technologies have created a unique revolution in healthcare. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, robotics and similar technologies, the health ecosystem is undergoing a game changer transformation. As STM ThinkTech, we closely monitor new developments in health technologies and their effects on the ecosystem with our analysis and reports. At the same time, we contribute to industry with our model, which we developed using big data and text mining methods, where we analyze which ideas about advanced health technologies have the potential to turn into a product by following a development path (process).

Idea-Product Cycle Decision Support Model in Advanced Health Technologies

Within the scope of the collaboration with Başkent University; a Decision Support System that can provide foresight for the most valuable technologies and areas that the public or private sector can invest in and the possible effects of the investment to be made has been developed in the field of advanced health technologies.

Data Mining, Semantic Network Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methods are used to analyze the data gathered from various resources (academic articles with the highest index / citation coefficient, clinical studies, and patent databases) where the ideas have emerged.

Using this model, the patterns of ideas that are likely to turn into products can be revealed, ideas at the incubation stage can be identified and a focused investment can be made. Decision Support Model can be used in identifying potential value added areas not only in health sector, but also other sectors as well.

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